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As boutique agency owners, we all have that ✨one thing✨ that keeps us up at night. That thing you've been putting on the backburner since who knows when. You know it needs to get done but client work keeps popping up and it is never at the tippy top of your priority list. Well, now it the time to check it off your list and get on with running your business. How freeing does that sound?

We'll start the power hour with brief introductions and each set an intention of something we want to accomplish during our time together. Then, we'll jump into deep work. There's something about being surrounded by others that keeps you honest. I don't know about you, but some of my best work happens in a coffee shop or co-working space where everyone around me is heads-down in the zone. Let's bring that feeling to you. In the last few minutes, we'll come back together to celebrate what we have accomplished.

Please plan to be on camera. Come as you are! No judgement here. We just need everyone on camera so we can achieve that true co-working, in-the-zone feeling.

This event is for you if...

  • You own a boutique agency like a creative agency, recruiting firm, or consultancy.
  • Your to-do list is out of control and overwhelming.
  • Working on your business always plays second fiddle to working in your business.
  • You want to meet other like-minded owners and founders.