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What People Are Saying

"Jasz has a tremendous positive impact on our Sales and Marketing teams, specifically through our HubSpot, digital marketing, and ABM initiatives.  She has ably supported us with both delivering on-going project work and answering our many ad hoc questions.  In all cases, she has provided clear and quick answers, and delivered high-quality work.

I trust Jasz and her professionalism.  She works directly with our C-Suite leaders on high level productivity projects and supports our operations staff with detailed analysis, funnel reporting dashboards, complicated lead workflows, prospect database maintenance, and other technical support.

Jasz has a tremendous breadth of knowledge, a very structured approach to her work, is extremely reliable, and has deep technical knowledge of HubSpot.  I can recommend her without reservation."

Doug Hunter, VP, Marketing and Communications at Arjuna Solutions

"I had a ton of insights always swirling around in my brain – and always wanted to write my own blogs, create social media content, and send my own newsletter out for my small marketing and communications agency – but all my time was wrapped up in doing that same work for my clients. Getting over my mental block around “I’m a writer, so I should be able to do this, right?” – I hired Jasz and her team.

Jasz’s easy yet incredibly useful way of approaching strategy – target audience, messaging, what problem I solve for my clients – was the proverbial breath of fresh air, and the plan she created set the stage for blogs, newsletters, and social media content that was perfectly aligned to not only the content I wanted to put out in the world – but content that sounded like me. As a writer, I know how tough it can be to ghostwrite for others as you have to perfectly nail that tone and voice – and I was so impressed with Jasz and her team in this regard.

Working with Jasz is efficient, seamless, and it gets results. My social media and website traffic and engagement have grown exponentially in the first few months of our work together, and in the first three months of my newsletter, I’ve had an open rate of over 50% for all three editions. Don’t let your marketing struggle because you don’t have the time to do it – hire Jasz and make sure the cobbler’s kids have some incredibly awesome shoes."

Mel Ripp, Owner of Peapod Marketing & PR Consulting

"Jasz did a great job identifying my target audiences and building a social ad strategy. The analysis that she led is invaluable to my next steps. If you're looking for a consultant to help you get clarity on who your customer is and how you'll best meet them where they're at, I recommend working with Jasz."

- Lisa Losasso Jackson, Founder of Public School Marketing Services

"Jasz has been so strategic and smart in her approach to marketing, that I have been able to be more hands-off than I originally anticipated. She has freed up my time to focus on other important areas of my business. Her first post on LinkedIn led to a client referral that will bring us more than $50k in revenue this year. That's a 550% return on investment."

- James Taylor, Founder of Meticular

"Jasz Rae Digital has been supporting our organization with blog, email, and social media management. She built out a phased plan to re-engage and then grow our community. To a pleasant surprise- the results have outpaced the plan getting increased positive engagement since the very beginning. Within the first hour of posting, we received an inbound request from a very high quality partner! Community members reach out thanking me for the valuable content she has created and our overall engagement is way up. I am so grateful to have her strategic marketing guidance in a critical growth time for our organization."

- Kelsey Hayenga, Founder of Lady Bird Talent

"I worked with Jasz for about two years while she managed my company’s SEO and marketing and in that time she spearheaded transitioning our marketing tactics from very antiquated mailer campaigns to a robust digital plan that helped improve our sales considerably. She completely overhauled our sales strategy from a solely outbound focus to a primarily inbound focus. As a result, our lead generation has never been easier for us and I give Jasz full credit for that. Jasz was incredibly professional and an absolute delight to work with. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to grow their business."

- Rex Anderson, Controller at Lakeside Laundry Equipment

"In a short period of time (just two months), Joseph developed an efficient social media campaign and streamlined the process for its continuation. In addition, she successfully integrated our WBENC certification into our marketing plan and helped redesign important business documents. Joseph's creativity, strong work ethic and professionalism were evident in all the projects she initiated and completed."

- Nancy Charney, President of Charney & Associates